US Interpretation & Consulting Services, LLC is based in Boston, Massachusetts. We serve small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, private entities, and individuals who need language assistance.

Over the years, we have served the United Nations, numerous US and Chinese government agencies, and top government officials from former President George W. Bush to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Our mission is to bridge the language gap in global communication.

We translate virtually all the languages in the alphabet:

Our interpreters and translators pride themselves in the following qualifications:

• Certification from a state court or the Federal Court, American Translators Association, or an accredited agency in another country,

• Medical interpretation certification,

• Security clearance at different government agencies, and

• A strong accuracy and on-time delivery record on translation and transcription.


US Interpretation & Consulting Services, LLC is affiliated with the following divisions of the American Translators Association: CLD ID TCD CLD ID MD TCD


- Company/Corporate Division

- Chinese Language Division

- Interpreters Division