Tuesday, 28 January 2014 03:06


Do you find Chinglish entertaining? Chinglish may be rated next to nothing in terms of translation quality, but in terms of entertaining, it can score very high.  You probably wonder how those Chinese “translators” could come up with such weird, obscene, and sometimes vulgar translations.  Noticeably, many of the Chinglish translations were either picked from the wrong definitions or by amateurs who use word generator to translate literally word-for-word. Chinglish is at its best when it contains horrific spelling mistakes or verbatim translation errors that can turn a safety sign into a danger one. Fortunately, no matter how bad the translation is, Chinglish is comprehensible, especially for someone who speaks both languages. A bilingual person can enjoy Chignlish even more because only a bilingual person can understand the humor of an accidental translation. Sadly, for both the English and bilingual communities, Chinglish sometimes appears insulting to our cultures. Don’t we wish there was a re-educational camp where these “translators” could learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” in translation? Well, it is not at all that easy. Just ask yourself this question: how many of you could translate from English to Chinese in a way that is culturally acceptable?



The following contains graphic details and reader’s discretion is strongly advised. Please do not click on the link if you take Chinglish too seriously:  



Source: www.engrish.com/